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Of course.

Virgil huffed at the sight of Deceit in the best sunspot in the Mind Palace. It was infuriating- whenever Virgil wanted to take a warm sun nap, Deceit was always there, fast asleep. Normally Virgil would just go find one of the other ones, but he was cold and tired of giving in.

Virgil sighed loudly, gaining Logan’s attention.

“Is there an issue, Virgil?” Logan asked, adjusting his glasses.

“Deceit’s in the sunspot,” Virgil complained. “Again.”

“Mm. Do you wish for me to propose a solution?” Stupid nerd had that stupid smirk on his face that meant he thought they were missing something blatantly obvious.

“Sure,” Virgil drawled, nose wrinkled at giving Logan what he wanted. Logan was nice, but sometimes he could be so damn arrogant-

“The sunspot is large enough for two.”

Wait wha- “Huh?!”

Logan sighed, turning the page of his book. “The sunspot is large enough for both of you to lay in without physical contact. I am certain the two of you can share like the mature sides you are.”

Virgil stared at him, incredulous, but Logan had already gone back to his book. He glanced back at Deceit, who was still snoozing away happily.

Fuck it.

Virgil walked over, laying down slowly in the spot so as not to accidentally wake Deceit. The sun-warmed carpet felt like home, easing the tension from his body. In spite of his lingering insecurities about Deceit and his anxiety screaming at him not to, Virgil soon drifted asleep.


He was woken by somebody giggling.

Virgil groaned at the injustice of being woken up from such an amazing nap, opening his eyes slowly to find out what the laughing was about.

Deceit’s fluffy hair came into view, and Virgil snapped awake, heart racing. The lying side was pressed against Virgil’s front, six arms wrapped around the younger like steel cables.

And still asleep.

Virgil wiggled, trying to slip out of Deceit’s grip, but the hold was unbreakable. Once he’d realized that, he glanced at Patton, silently begging the dad side to help. Patton, still smiling, shook his head.

“Patton,” Virgil protested.

“Sorry kiddo, but nothing can ever wake up Dee before he wants to wake up… I’ll make dinner, see if it’ll help.” Patton spun on his heel, still giggly, and went to the kitchen, leaving Virgil and Deceit alone.

Virgil sighed, made one more futile escape attempt, the resigned himself to his fate.

At least he was in the good sunspot.

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How dare this fic be so cute my heart-

also tag yourself I'm Dee sjkncasjkn

I'm just gonna start posting here my Writober fics, I'll add my other fics when I have both the time and motivation :')

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Remus: *breathes*

Deceit: ...you know you don't have to breath so loud in my ear

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What have I learned from tumblr today?

Well, there's a species of flightless bird that went extinct and then re-evolved into the same thing through pure chance.

Queer coffee shops should definitely exist for a number of reasons

Drowning doesn't look like you think it does

And Thomas Sanders is not a pentagon because while he has 5 sides, a pentagon require 5 straight sides, of which Thomas posses none

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Request for my friend on tumblr

trans rights are human rights

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"Why is my dashboard so dead?" I ask myself while following like, 11 blogs or something

A Roceit-inspired drawing!

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I love it!!!!

Me? Making fan art for Sanders Sides and Panic! At the Disco? It’s more likely than you think

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Aaaaaand now I have King Of The Clouds stuck in my brain wELP-

drawing i did for someones marvel au on tumblr they were awesome and i got excited

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Oh my god I love this-

Logan said he wanted to dab on a rocket... He's gonna do it... sorry Patton...

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kcndmjvkndckn my last two braincells

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I am really gay for Roman Sanders.

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A mood honestly

Wanted to try a palette challenge, turned out better than I expected

Guess Who

Apparently, it's time for me to invade enter another hellsite (hoping this one doesn't follow Tumblr's footsteps, don't disappoint me Waterfall-)

Hello everyone! This is Max, a 20yo Italian disaster whose favorite hobby is to cry over a blank google doc at 3am :D

As of now I mostly write Sanders Sides & Thomas Sanders-related content, but we'll see what the future will bring. I'll copy my fics from Tumblr to here during the next few weeks, but if you want to go read them now just head to my AO3!!

I hope you guys enjoy your stay!!